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how to host a free forum on 3EZY

Forums are great for brining together your team or idea and allowing anyone to contribute or get support. 3EZY is not just a blogging software it has several built in plugins system to setup almost any type of site. Today I will cover how to make forums.

First and foremost you need to be registered at 3ezy and start by creating a site with a neat name of your choice. Once you have the site created follow the instructions to login to the dashboard. At the beginning you only have the standard WordPress site with basic pages etc all setup. We are not going to convert it to Forums with a few click.

In the dashboard go to plugins.


Now we will enable the forum plugin called Buddypress. Go to the plugin and click activate.

activate buddypress free


Once you activate you will be shown the buddypress message asking you to follow the steps to setup buddypress. Thats it!

You should now select a theme that is buddypress compatible. Again like Plugins you will find a link to “Appearance”. Mouse over and select “Themes” in the appearance menu. Here you should search for “Buddypress” and you will see a couple of themes you can test and apply. Go ahead and do that.

For questions and help you can always post it at http://forums.3ezy.com/ which is not really a forum but a Q&A site. I will cover how to create your own in my next post.

You should also check out the official Buddypress site at http://buddypress.org for additional help and guide on how to configure your forums, permissions and create topics etc.






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