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New and better pricing. Sites for just $15 per year

After much number crunching we decided it was possible to lower the pricing. We slashed the prices from $70/year to $15/year for Pro level sites and $39/year from $225/year for Gold level websites. We were able to do so because of several factors that came together at the same time.

  •  Smaller payment every month cost more in transaction fees and overhead. As such we decided it is no longer a good idea to have monthly or quarterly payment plans. The few users who have monthly account will not only have their money refunded but given the choice to go with annual or discontinue service. Although we have received positive feedback and don’t expect cancellatioon from you we leave the choice open (30 days). Please check your inbox for our email if you are a Pro or Gold subscriber (paid member).
  •  Our Server providers also reduced disk space cost and increased bandwidth a bit. A small bit helps in large numbers. This saving we completely forward to you.
  • Based on feedback and statistics we realized that no one who has a regular WordPress blog site with us  (even those who moved over) are actually using all that disk space (1GB) but mainly bandwidth. So we reduced disk allocation to 100MB for Pro and 1GB for Gold instead of 1GB and 2GB respectively.
  • Support: We will not provide Direct message support for Pro level. All support will be via forums (forums under testing). For Gold level we will allow direct messages to be sent with the same 48 Hour response time (max). This saves us more in person time cost and free them up for activities like fixing issues and updating the sites for you.
  • We will increment pricing based on usage every few months. Which means that those who signed up earlier will enjoy the same lowest price as of today and if we increase the price it will only affect New Site registrations. This allows us to control the risk of overselling. If we dont have resources….well it’s cost to us so it will be cost to new sign ups, not existing sites.
  • Additional Bandwidth saving due to WAF (Web application firewall) and Anti Spam. We have seen traffic usage drop significantly from bad bots and spammers due to firewall and spam blocking. We will continue to improve upon this. The saved bandwidth led to lower usage and taking the sample shows that we will save on bandwidth cost.
  • Our Server provider has improved a lot so we will be making the move back to them. It may cost us a small downtime of 1 hour. It will be well worth it.


We will continue to attempt and provide the best experience possible at lowest cost. Know that this isn’t the place to host a supercritical Mars Rover mission website. So stay calm and contact us 🙂


Regarding parking sites: We have some feedback from various users who find that they can use 3EZY.com for parking their unused domains in the event they finally have an idea or just want to post a couple of pages for a company site (4-5 page site). This can be done, but  no ETA on when we can do this. Basically it will allow folks to park their Domain names on 3ezy.net or create simple static site for very low cost. Lower than what we have today.



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